After vote statement

Mary Rita shared this statement Wednesday, March 21, following the election with her 1200+ supporters.

The votes may not have gone our way, but look at what we have accomplished through this campaign. We are building a movement by staying focused on the issues and building relationships in this district. We have brought together people who really care about what is going on in this state and country from every corner of the district, and this district has a lot of corners. This is WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!

We have built a campaign around the issues — having a budget that puts People & Planet First; raising revenues to meet the needs of residents and businesses in ways that do not overburden working and middle class families; and reclaiming our government so that it works for all of us and not just for the wealthy.

There is a fight going on for the soul of the Democratic Party between the corporate and “special-interest” Dems and those of us who understand what it is like to be poor in America and the role state government should play to create a more just society. This country has always had too much of a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” ethic. We have had times when we moved closer to a just society. But we have never achieved it. That is what sets us apart from other campaigns. We get it! And, we will work hard to achieve it!

My hope for Jennifer is that she takes the support of the party that she received and converts it into a more empathetic party that does more than give lip service to the needs of the poor and middle class families in our midst.

Thank you for joining us; now, on to the next challenge! Mike and I will carry on the fight. I know you will as well.

Mary Rita

P.S. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in my campaign. I was blessed with a group of friends, family and supporters who encouraged and advised me throughout the process. They were my brain trust, and helped me draw on inner resources I didn't know I possessed.

I am grateful to the hardy individuals who passed petitions and canvassed with me through the fall and winter; to those who knocked on doors or stood outside for hours in the cold; to the dozens who opened their houses so I could meet their friends and neighbors; to volunteers who made calls or labeled envelopes; to financial contributors; and those who exercised their right to vote.  

Campaigns require diverse skills and interests. I hope this endeavor leaves everyone associated with it stronger and better prepared to continue the struggle.