IEA IPACE Recommends Mary Rita

Mary Rita is proud to receive the IEA IPACE recommendation for state representative in the 17th District. "Mary Rita’s support for increased education funding, making college more affordable and a living wage show her commitment to education and working families.” She has the experience necessary to ensure that the government fulfills one of its most important obligations: fully funding public education. Continue reading

Illinois League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

Mary Rita appreciates all those who came out to keep democracy alive this past Saturday, March 2nd at the Illinois League of Women Voters Candidate Forum in Wilmette. See article on League Forum in Journal & Topics here.  Note final paragraph citing Mary Rita's support for program to interrupt gun violence. "Luecke advocated for a Chicago program called Ceasefire, in which people called interrupters embedded in neighborhoods work to stop retaliation and cycles of violence, once shootings occur or when there is neighborhood tension which could lead to gun violence." Continue reading

Recent Endorsements: Chicago Sun-Times & Illinois Education Association

We are thrilled to receive endorsements from the The Chicago Sun-Times and Illinois Education Association-Illinois Political Action Committee for Education! Mary Rita has long fought for progressive causes and will take her experience and values to represent the 17th district in Springfield. Thank you, Chicago Sun-Times for your recognition of and dedication to progressive champions!  Thank you, Illinois Education Association for supporting excellent and equitable public education and the candidates that will make that happen! The Experience We Need to Drive the Change We Want Continue reading

VIdeo: Mary Rita on the Issues - Good Goverment Measures

Watch Mary Rita address big money in politics, publicly funded elections, an independent map commission, and other good government measures.   Continue reading

Video: Mary Rita on the Issues - State Budget

Watch Mary Rita address our state budget and advocate for a progressive, People and Planet First, budget with a progressive income tax. Read more on Mary Rita's position here: 

Sun-Time Editorial & Mary Rita's Health Care Response

Mary Rita opposes any effort to diminish access to the 10 essential health care services required under all A.C.A insurance plans. This Sun-Times editorial on Jan.19, opposes the Trump initiative to expand the authority of Associations to bypass current A.C.A requirements. Continue reading

Video: Chicago Sun-Times Interview with Mary Rita at Chicago Women's March

Mary Rita and over 250,000 allies march in solidarity during the powerful Women's March in Chicago, Jan. 20, 2018. Use your voice, your vote on March 20, 2018 and help send Mary Rita down to Springfield to make real change happen. Please check out Mary Rita (at the 6+ minute mark) talking with veteran Chicago Sun-Times reporter, Lynn Sweet - Chicago Women's March, Jan. 20, 2018. The Chicago Sun-Times:

Rep. Will Guzzardi Endorses Mary Rita

Representative Guzzardi joins Representative Gabel, in adding yet another powerful voice in state of Illinois, encouraging the voters of the 17th District to elect Mary Rita Luecke as their next state representative. “There's a fight going on in Springfield right now about what kind of state we want to live in. Wealthy and powerful interests want government to serve them and hurt the rest of us. But Mary Rita believes that government should be on our side, fighting against greed and corruption and fighting for a better life for everyone in Illinois. I'm proud to endorse Mary Rita Luecke for State Representative, and I'll be lucky to have an ally like her in the legislature.”  -  Will Guzzardi, State Representative from Illinois' 39th House District Continue reading