Mary Rita Luecke congratulates auto mechanics

Mary Rita Luecke congratulates auto mechanics for reaching contract agreement

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September 18, 2017

Skokie –Mary Rita Luecke, candidate for state representative in District 17, congratulated the members of Automobile Mechanics Union Local 701 on their new contract with the Chicago New Car Dealer Committee. The union had been on strike since Aug. 1.

“This strike has imposed hardships on the mechanics, their families, as well as motorists throughout the area. Neither side got everything it wanted. But the mechanics received a pay increase and extra hours, which were key demands. 

“The agreement enables mechanics to continue to raise their families in the middle class, a status that is being threatened for millions in our country.

"I’m glad life will return to normal for the mechanics and their families," Luecke said. “As disruptive as this was, this is what union solidarity and collective bargaining can achieve. Both sides bargain in good faith until a settlement is reached. While not perfect, the experts who work on our cars and the dealers who sell them and employ the mechanics can get back to normal.”

When the strike began, Luecke, a former District 65 school board member and president, supported the nearly 2,000 Local 701 members who were on strike and encouraged everyone to continue negotiating until there was a settlement.

Luecke is an attorney and a longtime resident of Skokie. She is running to succeed State Rep. Laura Fine, who is a candidate for the state senate.