Organized labor


My campaign is based on respect and support for organized labor. I firmly believe in and will foster and protect the right of workers in the public and private sectors to collectively bargain. Specifically, I 

  • Believe that State funds from any source should not be available to any employer to interfere in the right of their employees to unionize and negotiate collectively on the employees’ behalf.
  • Would oppose any legislation restricting how unions spend their money or placing any additional administrative burdens on a union’s ability to participate in the political process.
  • Vigorously oppose “right to work” legislation.
  • Fully support increasing the minimum wage to a Living Wage, now estimated to be $15 per hour, and indexing the minimum wage to a fair and reasonable inflation measure. (See separate issue page addressing Living Wage.)
  • Believe all workers and their families have the right to expect them to be safe from injury and exposure to harmful chemicals and other agents while on the job.
  • I would identify funding sources to expand the role of state occupational safety and health regulators to make up for any inspection and enforcement efforts being abandoned by the federal government.