Sun-Time Editorial & Mary Rita's Health Care Response


Mary Rita opposes any effort to diminish access to the 10 essential health care services required under all A.C.A insurance plans. This Sun-Times editorial on Jan.19, opposes the Trump initiative to expand the authority of Associations to bypass current A.C.A requirements.

See the full Sun-Times editorial here.

Under Trump's proposal, Illinois could permit group purchasers of health insurance to purchase plans that eliminate one or more of the required services. These required services include outpatient care; emergency services; hospitalization; mental health; prescription drugs; rehabilitative services; laboratory services; maternity and newborn care; pediatric care; and preventive and wellness services.

I strongly support, as does the Sun-Times, a bill by Rep.Greg Harris that would require a majority of House and Senate members to approve any such state proposal.

Until we can move to Medicare for All, I will work on legislation to create Medicaid as a “public option” so families have a lower cost alternative under the A.C.A. In the mean time I want Illinois families to maintain access to all the care currently covered through expanded Medicaid and the A.C.A. subsidies for lower-income individuals and families.