Support for striking auto mechanics

Mary Rita Luecke Expresses Solidarity with Striking Auto Mechanics

Contact: Joshua Kilroy, 312.593.1886

August 14, 2017

Skokie – Today Mary Rita Luecke, former District 65 Board President and candidate for state representative, expressed solidarity with the members of Automobile Mechanics Union Local 701.

“I strongly support the member of Local 701 who are on strike. Labor unions created the middle class in this country and now the members of Local 701 are defending family-supporting jobs. It is unfortunate that the first offer was not enough to end the strike but I encourage everyone to continue negotiating until there is a settlement that satisfies both sides.”

Since August 1st, nearly 2000 members have been on strike against almost 180 auto dealerships throughout Cook County. On Saturday, union members rejected the current offer from the auto dealers. The issues include better scheduling of work hours and higher wages for apprentices to lure young people into the trade.

Mary Rita Luecke is an attorney and a longtime resident of Skokie. She is running to succeed State Representative Laura Fine in the 17th district, who is a candidate for the state senate.